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Horizon Helvetica®, a credit card-sized💳 sketch tool, and Horizon Key®, a multifunctional keychain🔑, bring stylish functionality to your fingertips. Compact and iconic, featuring the timeless Helvetica font - ready anywhere, anytime✨

Horizon Key®: The Perfect Companion to Horizon Helvetica®

As Horizon Helvetica® launches in new colors on Kickstarter, we've also developed the Horizon Key®, a complementary element solving everyday challenges. Easily attachable to your keychain, Horizon Key® is a multifunctional tool equipped with a bottle opener, hex bolt wrench, cm/inch ruler, screwdriver, spoke key and many more! These innovative products are set to feature in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, where they look forward to your support!


Horizon Key® is your perfect solution for everyday challenges. An easily attachable keychain tool equipped with:

  1. Bottle Opener

  2. Hex Bolt Wrench

  3. Inch Ruler

  4. Centimeter Ruler

  5. Screwdriver

  6. Cable Stripper

  7. Degree Indicator

  8. Spoke Key

  9. Mini Saw

  10. Laser cut (in Swiss made Bystronic laser cutter) and marked for permanence

  11. TSA secure: There is no sharp edge so you can take Horizon into the plane

  12. 304 High Grade Stainless Steel


Horizon Helvetica® is the only drawing tool with all of the functions below that fits in your wallet on the market.

  1. Straightedge X 4 (inch, cm, pixel, pica)

  2. Imperial Compass

  3. Metric Compass

  4. Set square

  5. T-square

  6. Protractor (features 180 degrees with holes at every 10 degrees plus the 45- and 135-degree marks)

  7. Quick circles (1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 3/16 inches | 3, 5, 6, 10mm)

  8. Isometric Grid

  9. Isometric Cube

  10. Credit Card Size (3 3⁄8 × ​2 1⁄8 inches | 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm)

  11. Laser cut (in Swiss made Bystronic laser cutter) and marked for permanence

  12. TSA secure: There is no sharp edge so you can take Horizon into the plane


As Seen On

As Seen On

What did they say?

Clean, minimal & accurate... there's not a lot more you need!

James Martin, Brand & Graphic Designer

You will not leave home without this bad boy!

Lautaro Lucero, Industrial Designer

Super smart, multifunctional, compact, stylish pocket ruler by @horizonruler which comes in a range of finishes!

Designdunker, Design Magazine

Kat Knapp
I've been wanting to get a compass and protractor, but I also didn't want to add too much bulk to my supplies so I can stay mobile. This will let me make more complex designs with almost no extra room needed to carry it around. Showed up just a few days after my birthday so felt even more special. I love it!
Terry Douglas
Was pleasantly surprised to come home today to my ruler waiting in the mailbox for me. Very pleased with the overall quality and design!
Mikkel Superbacker

The craftmanship, the built quality, and readability is exactly what I expected. Well worth the wait.

I Will definitely back their next project.

For those still waiting, just hang on!

marta Superbacker
Received mine in Italy. Red one. Cutest ruler I have ever seen, love it
Avi Hizgilov Superbacker
Received the item yesterday, and it's already proving to be quite useful to me. I must add that although some shipping issues occured, the care and dedication taken info solving it were outstanding :) so thank you horizon team! Glad to be a backer.
Christoper Radley Superbacker
Arrived today (Virginia in the USA). Looks great. Nice job.

All Horizon Products, Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

All Horizon Products, Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

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